• Pastor Wes Cain


We are zooming through our 2019 Series of “We Are WUMC”, and this Sunday starts a new month’s series—“We Are Community”. Now, it would be really easy for us to look at community in similar ways than we did “Family” and “Connected”, and honestly, I thought about doing just that. In a world so easily polarized as our’s seems to be, reinforcing the need for healthy community is important enough a message that it’s worth repeating often. The more I thought about “community”, though, the more I felt the need to focus not just on the importance of it, but how we strengthen and enhance it. 

With that in mind, we’re going to spend the next month looking at how we invest in our community—both our faith community and the community of Wimberley—by engaging in the five commitments that all of us made when we became members of this congregation. Part of the covenant of membership, made by the individuals and echoed each time by the worshipping congregation, is to support the ministries of the church with our prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness. This is so much more than providing financially; it is a holistic, active partnership in the work and mission of the church. 

How are you doing with this commitment now? 

Are you praying regularly for God to work miraculously in our midst? 

Are you making a point to be present in worship together as often as possible? 

Are you giving from the myriad resources with which God has blessed you, that others might be blessed as well? 

Are you reaching out in love and service to the world around you?

Are you proclaiming Jesus Christ, crucified and risen, in both your words and deeds?

I’ll confess that I am often in need of gentle reminders to joyfully engage in this great work. How can the church help you in maintaining your commitment to God’s ministry? How can you invest more in your community?

I’m excited to spend the next month trying to answer these questions together! Come join us as we seek to proclaim boldly and truthfully: “We Are Community”.

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