Welcome to Wimberley United Methodist Church, we're glad you've found us! Nestled on the side of a hill near the Blanco River, our church is a warm, open community of faith. Our congregation is diverse. We come from many places and bring a wealth of perspectives and life experience. Through worship and study, caring for one another, and serving others, we grow in the faith and find meaning in a troubled world.


The witness of the scriptures and generations of God's people is clear: we were not created to live this life alone. We need each other; this is how God made us. So if you have questions about your life, if you carry heavy burdens, if you seek wholeness, healing or purpose, come and join us. We will walk the road together, as members of Christ's body, empowered by the Spirit. And while there is much we may not know, we trust in the grace of Jesus Christ and know that Love will keep us.


We hope to see you soon,

Pastor Wes Cain