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WUMC Members and Friends, 

On Tuesday, June 23rd, our Administrative Council met via Zoom for our regular meeting. At this meeting, the Re-Launch Taskforce and myself shared our findings from our congregation-wide survey, COVID-19 statistics from our county and state, and the orders and urgings of our local and state-wide leaders. We also discussed the news of multiple churches, in our area and in our annual conference, re-closing after opening and experiencing either exposure or spread of the coronavirus. This information led the team to recommend that we continue distance ministry throughout the month of July. After further discussion, the Administrative Council voted in favor of the recommendation. 

I know that, like me, many of you are longing for the time when we can re-engage with in-person ministry. I miss seeing all of you, hugging your necks, shaking your hands, and sharing a cup of coffee with you. Most of all, I miss worshiping alongside you, growing in faith through conversations with you, and working next to you to see the work of God realized in our community and world. Our goal as your staff and as your Administrative Council is to do this as safely, correctly, and quickly as possible.

We also want to be as transparent about our reasons for this as possible. While I have given you a summary of the guiding factors for our decision, if you would like to know more specifically or discuss further anything around this issue, please do not hesitate to ask me or any member of the Re-Launch Taskforce. We would be happy to share with you our resources, data, and anecdotal evidence that led to this recommendation. 

I also need to reiterate a point made in my previous letter regarding the church’s continued distance ministry:  In no way does this mean that the church or our ministry is closed. The church is not a building, nor is it a service on Sunday morning or Wednesday evenings. The church is the people of God, sent out into the world to bring God’s Kingdom. Our ministry teams have been tasked with discerning new ways for us to engage in the ministry of the church, so even while we are apart, you will notice some changes to our regular virtual offerings and be invited to actively participate in new ways. I am certain that God can just as easily work through our present situation as God could and did when we met in person. Our job is to have eyes to see, ears to hear, and hearts to respond to the Spirit’s movement among us. 

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our Administrative Council chair, Susan Agee or myself at any time by email (wcain@riotx.org). And please remember that you are constantly in my prayers. 

Rev. Wes Cain
Senior Pastor
Wimberley UMC

8:30 - Traditional Worship    9:45 - Sunday School    

11:00 - Blended Worship

1200 County Road 1492 @ RR12, Wimberley Texas

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WUMC Sermons

While we love to see you at church, where you can share fellowship and community with your friends and family, we understand that sometimes life gets in the way.

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Special Accommodations during our Services: 
  • Hearing devices are available in the sound booth.   
  • A chemical-free room is available for the chemically sensitive.
  • A comfort room is available for babies needing some extra TLC.   

  • Communion is served on the first Sunday of the month at both the 8:30 am and 11:00 am services.

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